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October 15th, 2016

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October 2nd, 2016

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September 4th, 2016

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June 17th, 2016

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The night had been eventful to say the least and following their last scuffle with the local, growing fledgling vampire population, Buffy was exhausted. Sweaty, feeling in desperate need of a shower, and breathing heavy, the blond followed in step with Spike. The vampire, despite his amazing, near perfect fighting skill and form, was sporting a black eye, a wounded, fractured wrist, and quite a few bruises. Buffy was a bit luckier, but only because Spike had a nasty habit of running in, guns blazing or stakes flying, before Buffy could stop him. He put himself in the middle of fray, taking on more than few vampires alone. Though he dealt more blows than he took, the damage was obviously done and, regardless of his enhanced healing ability, it would take at least a day or so for all his wounds to heal fully. Buffy own wounds, mainly bruises, would heal after a good night's rest and a hot shower. A pair of comfortable pajama pants was not out of the question either. All of this would happen after she made sure Spike was safe within his own hotel room and not about to sneak out for another round when Buffy was gone.

However, glancing at him now, she had the feeling he might be as ready as she was to call it a night. Offering him a small smile, she reached out and took his pale, cool hand in her warm fingers, giving the digits a small squeeze. "You are going to go to your room, shower, and rest. You look like hell," Buffy teased, adding in another affectionate squeeze. "And me? I'm showering, snuggling into pajama pants, and watching a bad movie for a while. Maybe eat some ice cream." She the chances of her falling, face first into her plush bed were a lot higher than any of those things, but Spike had her feeling optimistic, despite the dire-looking circumstances they were facing. Tonight, Buffy had fought more fledglings than she had since her arrival and with Angelus on the loose, the other vampires too, there didn't appear to be an end in sight. For all the vampires they had dusted tonight, she was certain there would be more to take their place come sunset tomorrow. It was a disheartening thought, but a valid, realistic view, one that Buffy had the unfortunate sight to often grasp. Yes, she'd won and survived numerous fights, numerous battles, challenges and foes, some who had a killing finale for the slayer. Yet, rose colored glasses were something she'd never had the luxury of investing in and coming to Salem only made that so much more clear. Her fight was not done, not settled with the First, but only fodder to the ever growing fire of war evil beings raged on innocent humans everyday. Coming here was just a new location, a different time, but everything remained the same...except with the pleasant surprise of Spike being alive.

No, that was something Buffy would never take for granted. She'd watched him burn beneath the high school, flesh and skin giving way to blackened surface and eventually, ash. Afterwards, despite her own amazing capability to beat death twice, she did not believe she would ever see Spike again. While Buffy had managed to come back, provided the help of her friends and Angel, she knew better than to ever think such a venture could become a common, expected occurrence. It was a horrible, painful reality to accept, but Buffy had been dealt such a shitty had before and come out swinging, stronger and better than ever. It felt impossible, the weight of a heavy heart enough to keep her down, sunk into a state of despair for eons if she allowed, but she owed Spike too much to ever give in or give up. He'd died for her, for them, and the best way to keep him alive? It was to fight because that was what he would have wanted her to do; he would have wanted her to keep fighting "the good fight" and saving people. Such a thought was all that propelled her on, forwards towards an unknown future; a world where what once was no longer applied. Coming to Salem had not changed that for Buffy; the future she faced remained unknown though somewhat controlled, hampered by the witches trapping them within this place. Until him. Until they brought Spike, a far past version of the man, the vampire she'd loved, and though it felt like a cruel trick, it was the first sense of feeling she'd had in such a while that she'd almost welcomed it with greedy, clenching hands. It sparked within her hope, igniting a long since extinguished, passionate flame. There was no reason for him to love her, to care so much, and she knew she should have walked into that alley ready to send a stake plunging into his dead heart, but it didn't happened.

Buffy glanced over at the beaten, bruised man beside her and though the circumstances were far from romantic, she'd never felt more in love than in that moment beside him. Together, dusty, sweaty, gross, and covered in blood, most not their own, they were united, force, a front, Buffy didn't realize she'd so desperately wanted before this time, this place. Her trust had no merit, not really, but his past provided enough evidence to keep it stuck in place. He'd only proven more, each day, each second, that he was capable of love without a soul, capable of not sinking his teeth into her neck and devouring her blood. Yes, the love they indulged in was far, far from typical or any sense of normal, but then again, what part of love ever came from a seed of normalcy, of a typical, common place? None and, though it was far from the fairytale she'd dreamed as a small girl, the fantasy she'd procured as a teenager, it was romance, it was love, and Buffy found herself happy and all because of him. "We'll get you cleaned up though. Did you want-" A piercing scream shattered the silence of the night around them and Buffy stopped, fingers slipping from his hand. So much for being finished, calling it a night, and falling into a bed for much needed sleep.

One more fight. Spike's sentiment echoed in her ear along side his warm laugh. When he charged forward, broke and busted up as he was, Buffy shook her head. Though the moment was meant to be light-hearted, the blond felt fear wash over her. How much more could he take? He was so much worse off than herself and part of Buffy suspected it was because he'd been, despite her arguments and the obvious, trying to protect her. She called after him, but he was gone, disappearing from view as he headed towards another battle, another fight that might be his last. It was only a second and Buffy took off after him, her own slayer abilities providing her with the stamina, agility, and speed to cover ground as fast as himself. Please don't let anything happen to him. Please. Could fate be so cruel? Yes. Hell yes. To give her Spike, have them fall for each other and then rip him away sounded right up the alley of cold, callous behavior exhibited by a majority of evil, including the witches here. It took a lot to frighten Buffy, after all, she was the nightmare of most forces of darkness in the world, but right than, racing towards the location, she'd felt scared.

"Spike!" Buffy came sliding halt steps from the fallen, battered man. "Spike..." She looked up, barely capable of focusing on anything, but the badly wounded vampire on the ground. Oh God. His arm was broken, pale skin darkened with bruises, his eye swollen shut by the power, the pain thrust upon him by hie enemy. Buffy felt a bout of rage quell within her, but it was extinguished quick when she saw who'd dealt the near fatal blows to the man she loved. "Apollo-" Before she could react, Spike was on his feet, grasping the man's silken tie with his good arm. It was a last play; he was trying to save Buffy and when he called at her to run, Buffy could hear weakness in his voice, the fear and not for himself because Spike was never frightened it seemed, but for her. Unfortunately, Buffy wasn't going anywhere, not this time. She'd heard of a person, Sol, fighting against vampires too, but it was obvious Spike had never met him or he would have not been desperate to end him now.

Buffy shook her head. "No, Sol, stop! Please. He's good. Please don't hurt him," she pleaded, green eyes briefly a waver of tears before she expertly blinked them away. "He didn't know. I'm sorry if he attacked you, but he didn't know. Don't."

December 20th, 2015

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Name: Buffy Anne Summers
Nickname(s): Buff, (The) Slayer, Buffster (used by Xander), B (used by Faith, The Chosen One, Blondie (Used by Faith and Whistler), The Duchess of Buffonia (Used by Xander), Anne, etc.
Age: 20
Species: Slayer
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120
Build: Slender; Athletic
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Distinguishing Features: A bite mark on the right side of her neck. She was bitten by the Master, but also Angel and Dracula in the fifth season. Also, her small frame is noted because of the massive amount of strength she possesses
Canon Point:
Inventory: Please refer to the rules for regulations on inventory.
Are you alright with a random roommate?: Sure

Name: Lauren
Contact Post: Contact Me
PB: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Timezone: CST
AIM: AmazonessQueen16
Email: arogue21@gmail.com
Strengths: Stubborn, Individualistic, Humor
Weaknesses: Self-sacrificing, Overconfident, Self-destructive

Likes: Cheese, Shopping, Diet coke
Dislikes: Bullies, Vampires, Forces of darkness

Buffy Summers was your typical valley girl until she was saddled with destiny and then everything changed. The teenager was forced to grow up fast...very fast. Thanks to her slayer duties, she developed an understanding of what it felt like to be an outcast amongst your own peers and a deeper meaning of the world of friendship. This allowed her to form a relationship with the two school outcasts at Sunnydale High School: Xander and Willow. The three formed a powerful relationship and Buffy would do anything to protect them. Unlike most slayers, Buffy is a rebel in the fact that she fights things other than the supernatural and does not conform to typical slayer conventions (being alone, no friends or family) . She is determined to keep her normal life and fights along with a group of friends instead of isolating herself like most slayers, i.e. Kendra. Also, Buffy believes that, contrary to popular belief, her emotions give her strength and empower her fighting ability. They are "total assets" in her eyes. Along with this, Buffy's style of fighting is very impromptu and improvisational, unlike most slayers and she has a sarcastic streak that often comes out when facing her opponents. Buffy starts out as a very reluctant hero and in her early years as a slayer, wanted nothing more than a normal life. However, slowly, she grew to accept her destiny and even more so when Kendra told her that being a slayer was part of who she was and not just a duty forced upon her. Around the fifth season of the show, Buffy accepts her slayer duties fully.

Unlike her other teammates, Buffy is unwilling to take a human life despite acknowledging that humanity can be worse than the demons she kills on a daily basis. However, there are exceptions like with Faith, to this rule. And Buffy has had her share of fails in judgement like any other human does and they have cost her and the other people she loves dearly. One such a example was her destructive relationship with the vampire Spike after her second resurrection. She responds poorly to authority, like with the Watcher's Council's test, when her abilities and intelligence were being tested. However, on her own terms, the slayer excelled at them. Her strong personality makes it hard for her to relinquish control.She has a natural ability for tactical planning and a good bit of intelligence-more than she gives herself credit for at least- and she has strong leadership skills. Unfortunately, Buffy also has a secretive aspect to her personality in that she keeps certain things from her friends which came back to bite her in the ass eventually. However, Buffy is loyal to those she considers her friends and extremely protective of them as well. She defends those who need it most, like a true hero.

Buffy has had her share of fails in judgement like any other human does and they have cost her and the other people she loves dearly. One such a example was her destructive relationship with the vampire Spike after her second resurrection. She responds poorly to authority, like with the Watcher's Council's test, when her abilities and intelligence were being tested. However, on her own terms, the slayer excelled at them. Her strong personality makes it hard for her to relinquish control.Unfortunately, Buffy also has a secretive aspect to her personality in that she keeps certain things from her friends which came back to bite her in the ass eventually. However, Buffy is loyal to those she considers her friends and extremely protective of them as well. Her main weakness would be her family and her friends because while they help to keep her alive, they are the one way she could be killed because she'd do anything to save them.
History: Here

Buffy had always fought on a side since the moment she was awakened as a slayer. Mostly, the side had always been considered good and while she'd made her mistakes, fallen and stumbled along the way, she managed to maintain her sense of good versus evil and justice that came along with it. Being in New Orleans, by mysterious circumstances, shouldn't have challenged any of this. It was just a place and places were just...there. It was a beautiful, old town, flooded with history and tradition. Buffy would have enjoyed it if everything she did wasn't tainted by some sort of supernatural, often dangerous, element to it.

War of any kind brought bloodshed and a loss of life; unfortunately, Buffy had seen too much of both and she wasn't too keen about seeing anymore. She'd just walked away from one, in the Hellmouth of Sunnydale, and she'd lost too many friends in the process. The last thing the slayer wanted to do was take part in another one, but this place was not giving them much of a choice. This masquerade was beautiful, finer than anything she'd experienced in a while, but it was a complete and utter ruse. This powerful family of vampires knew exactly what they were doing. Offering food, drink, and entertainment for nothing in exchange except for a mask and a decent outfit? It was perfect. She was convinced this entire party was enacted to get to know the newcomers and possibly convince them to pick a side.

Buffy came to find information, about this war, about what happened, and anything else she could pick up from these people. So far, she'd come up empty-handed in all departments, but the slayer was determined, if not overly stubborn.Dressed in a rather simple, but beautiful red dress, the blond was a bit out of place among the other guests who had opted for something more extravagant and definitely poofier by far compared to the skin tight wardrobe she currently donned for the event. A beautiful, intricate silver mask was situated on the bridge of her nose, hiding her face, but it was unnecessary. She barely knew anyone here anyway. For appearance sake, she accepted a bit of champagne from the nearest server and lingered near the wall, watching curiously the guests milling around.

It was then that she felt it. A shiver snaking its way down her spine, something sparked normally by a weather change-cold to hot or vice versus, but it was more than that. It was more because she knew he was here...Angel. She'd talk to him over the network, but he was ahead of her in the time line and she hadn't talked to him since, Faith either. He didn't want to tell her anything about the future and he said if he did, she'd have to stake him to make it better. How dare he act as though it was trivial, so easy for her? It wasn't. It would never be easy because no matter who or what came into her life, The man she loved and would always love until she died. He owned her heart, a part that just couldn't be given away to anyone else, and as confused as she was about relationships right now, she knew one thing. She loved him. She would forever. Her green eyes flickered from the glass in her hand, the fingers had started to tremble on the stem and she took a shaky, uneven breath. She could inhale the whole air supply in the room and she'd still be gasping for more. Angel took it all away.

September 4th, 2015

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July 6th, 2015

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Player Name: Lauren
Contact Info: arogue21@gmail.com
Character Name: Buffy Anne Summers
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Journal: [info]slayer_savior
Example: Exempt.

April 3rd, 2015

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May 4th, 2014

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January 1st, 2014

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November 13th, 2013

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November 9th, 2013

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October 26th, 2013

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October 7th, 2013

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October 3rd, 2013

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September 29th, 2013

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September 28th, 2013

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August 11th, 2013

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September 24th, 2012

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August 8th, 2012

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